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Telehealth Mediating Healthcare Without Walls
Date :24/06/2020

Tele-health involves remote exchange of clinical information between a patient (staying in home setting) and the attending clinician(s), providing an assistance in diagnosis and monitoring of the patients (generally with long term conditions). Thus, a variety of...

5G Infrastructure Market
Date :19/06/2020

5G infrastructure are hardware and software resources of network that facilitates 5G connection, communication, operations, and management of a network. 5G technology deployment provide high speed data transmission as compared to 3G and 4G along with large...

Global Cell Therapy Market
Date :12/06/2020

Cell therapy involves transplanting damaged cells/tissue with healthy human cells. Since, the nineteenth century, concept of cell therapy was established. However, its complete potential is being released now. At present, T-cells (cancer fighting cells) are extensively used...

Medical Aesthetics: A Global Expanding Trend
Date :29/05/2020

Medical Aesthetics is a blend of beauty enhancement and medical science. In medical aesthetics, modern medical procedures are used to aggrandize cosmetic appearance. It is utilized as a treatment for various dermal complications as well as self-induced...

Microsurgery Market: An eminence of future
Date :21/05/2020


Microsurgery is a surgical process that uses the operation theater's powerful microscope or high-powered medical loupe magnifiers to facilitate the microvascular surgical techniques which is accustomed to anastomosing tiny vessels and nerves. Microsurgical process has expanded reconstructive...

Nanotechnology: A forthcoming ascendance in global technology market
Date :21/05/2020

The word nanotechnology is one of the marvelous blessings of modern science. Nanotechnology is etymologically derived from the Greek word ""nânos"" which means dwarf and ""technology"" which means the systematic application of scientific knowledge. So, in essence,...

SAR Measurement Systems Market
Date :20/05/2020

Market Introduction

Specific absorption rate (SAR) Measurement System is used to measure calculated SAR and electromagnetic fields in a customer-specified frequency range. Military systems, earth-resource mapping and environmental monitoring need broad-area imaging at high resolutions. Often, this imagery...

Online and Personal Care Products Market
Date :19/05/2020

Market Introduction

Beauty and personal care products are used on skin to avoid symptoms such as pimples, black patches and early aging. Rising price-sensitive millennial shoppers boosted the growth of online retail channels. Additionally, consumers prefer shopping online...

Industrial Automation Services Market Outlook
Date :18/05/2020

Automation advancement result in increased functionality in any domain; specific to industrial automation, it helps to solve industrial problems by maximizing returns, adopting improved efficiency and strict control over operations. The requirement for simultaneous planning and devising...

Automatic Lawn Mover Market
Date :23/04/2020

Market Introduction

Automatic lawn mower also known as robot lawn mowers; works without human intervention in definitive area, it gives the freedom from lawn mowing chores. It is designed to include a mobile base, docking station and other...

Pharmacovigilance, A Market of Growing Potential
Date :16/04/2020

Pharmacovigilance is defined as the science and activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects relating to a drug, i.e., post-marketing approval. So, the main aim of pharmacovigilance is to safeguard the use...

Date :26/03/2020

From the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in the standard of living around the globe (due to rising per capita income) People are more health conscious and also appearance has become as a style...

Ayurveda: A Remedial Lifestyle
Date :10/03/2020

Globally, Ayurveda is considered as one the most ancient system of medicines and is reported to have deep roots in India. Ayurveda not only aims at curing the diseases, but also focuses on prevention methods by maintaining...

Global Capsule Market
Date :13/02/2020

Capsules are the oldest-dosage forms in pharmaceutical industry. The references of capsule usage can be dated back to Egyptian era. Following a similar course, it is suggestive that in 1730, a pharmacist- de Pauli, from Vienna first...

Indian Healthcare Market
Date :03/02/2020

Healthcare is defined in terms of efforts made to uphold or restore patients’ physical, mental, or emotional health, especially by trained/licensed professionals and organizations. It is a well established fact that healthcare industry plays a crucial role...

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