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Human Growth Hormone Market: An emerging market in Global Arena
Date :24/01/2020

Human growth hormone, which is also known as somatotropin is secreted by the pituitary gland and is responsible for natural spontaneous growth and metabolic activities of the human body. However, there are several human growth hormone complications...

Global Veterinary Vaccines Market
Date :21/01/2020

Vaccination has always been an effective approach to reduce disease burden in companion and production animals and is a significant tool in maintaining animal health and welfare. Vaccines are playing a progressively vital role in preventative our...

3D Bioprinting: an impending revolution of healthcare
Date :16/01/2020

3D bio-printing is a leading-edge printing technology, involving the fusion of 3D printing and biotechnology. In 3D bio-printing, various postulates of 3D printing are implicated by using cells and growth factors, as bio-ink. Organ transplant, cosmetic surgery,...

Digital Twin Market
Date :16/01/2020

Market Introduction

Digital twin is a combination of intelligence and data. In other words, digital replica of process, product, facility and system that can be used for ensuring a better digital experience and creating a sustainable environment for...

Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Market: A lifeline of Healthcare Sector
Date :12/01/2020

The basic composition of a drug consists of two components, namely, an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) and an excipient. The API denotes the substantial drug properties itself. Whereas, the excipients can be said as the carriers of...

Smart Tourism Market
Date :23/12/2019

Market Introduction

Smart tourism is an amalgamation of tourism and technology, the application of advanced technologies to develop tools to enhance customer’s experience and manage day-to-day task effectively in tourism industry. Smart tourism is still at development stage...

Herbal Medicine: a tradition of green healing
Date :15/11/2019

Since time immemorial, the essence of herbal medicine has been present, and its roots penetrate back to 800 BC. From the past few years, this paradigm of traditional medicine has expanded, and its potential is being realized....

Date :17/10/2019

Technological advancement has touched every sphere of our lives and healthcare is no such exception. In the last twenty years, the healthcare infrastructure has seen a massive turn-around. There are many niche techniques which are still in...

Global Insulin Pump Market: Diabetes a concern of today and persisting threat for...
Date :04/03/2019

Diabetes is a medical condition characterized by the impairment of body’s ability to process natural sugar. This is seen in terms of hindered insulin production or reduced body response to insulin. The available literature suggests that there...

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