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Automatic Lawn Mover Market

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Automatic Lawn Mover Market
Date :23/04/2020

Market Introduction

Automatic lawn mower also known as robot lawn mowers; works without human intervention in definitive area, it gives the freedom from lawn mowing chores. It is designed to include a mobile base, docking station and other accessories for smooth functioning, with intelligent sensory control programmed to automatically mow surfaces. Automatic lawn mower can perform various tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming in nature.

Global automatic lawn mower market is expected to grow massively in future with rising need for automation. Growing urbanization along with rising need for space efficiency is boosting the demand for automatic lawn mowers. Developing regions such as Latin America, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific witnessed rise in urbanization. Increasing dependency on automation in commercial sector is one of the most prominent factors aiding the robotic lawn mowers market growth. Another important factor contributing to market growth can be increasing construction activities. These activities backing the growth of ground maintenance services and landscaping, thereby increasing demand for automatic lawn mowers.

Drivers and restrain factor of the market

Continuous technological advancements in automatic lawn mowers have influenced its demand and will act as the major growth driver during forecast period that will engage manufacturers to enable new traits and functionalities in mowers such as automatic operation, cutting height adjustments, rain detection to avoid machine failures. Additionally, automatic mowers can mow slopes, obstacles such as trampolines and flower beds and oddly shaped gardens. Moreover, some modern automatic mowers are controlled by a tablet or smartphone. Functionalities such as start or stop, adjusting cutting height and managing a calendar can be performed with it. Along with advent of technological advancement, rising awareness related to benefits of automation and high efficiency coupled with convenience and less human effort led to widespread adoption of automation and automatic lawn mowers is one of them. However, high initial setup cost of automatic lawn mowers (range of top line automatic lawn mower lie between $3000-$10,000) is restraining the growth of the market along with other restraining factors.

Major players in the market

Husqvarna Group (Australia), AL-KO (Finland), Worx (China), STIGA (Italy) and others are some players dealing in global automatic lawn mover market. Companies are adopting various strategies to strive competition among key competitors. Strategies include product launches, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and more. For instance: F. Robotics (Israel) merged with MTD’s subsidiary on May 2017, the deal is geographically limited to North America and Europe and the automatic lawn mower technology will be sold under the brand name of MTD. 

Recent key developments in the market

Novel automatic solutions help players to attract a wide consumer base and gain more market share. Effective initiatives were taken by companies for products development through incorporation of advanced technology and R&D. Some of the examples are:

AI enabled robotic mower

Husqvarna Group launched AI enabled robotic mower named Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD with smart connectivity and all-wheel drive. It is a fully automatic lawn mower with design to deal in slopes and rough terrains. Due to its feature of smart connectivity, it will support Google Home, Amazon Alexa and others.

Imprint Smart Mapping: A new method for navigation and localization

Terra, robotic mower, a product from iRobot announced on January 2019. It can easily be controlled by an app and has a technology called Imprint Smart Mapping that helps to navigate and control the machine accordingly. It is fully autonomous, wireless and uses radio beacons to localize. The product is recently launched in Germany and will be available in the US by 2020.

Leading region and fastest growing region

Asia Pacific is expected to be most lucrative market for investment in regard to automatic lawn mowers market. Countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India and Vietnam among others are expected to witness wide adoption of automatic lawn mowers owing improving quality of life. New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan and South Korea are some major markets for automatic lawn mowers in Asia Pacific.

Market segment

Global automatic lawn mower market is segmented as product type and application. Product type segment is further segmented as 0-2000m, 2000-4000m, >4000m. Application segment of the market is sub-segmented as residential and commercial. In which, residential robotic lawn mowers are considered as the dominating segment under application category as it is majorly used by individual owners to mow yards, lawns and gardens. Additionally, rising geriatric population is one of the major factors boosting growth of the segment. Performing laborious chores in house is difficult for this age-group and lawnmowing is one of them.

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