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SAR Measurement Systems Market

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SAR Measurement Systems Market
Date :20/05/2020

Market Introduction

Specific absorption rate (SAR) Measurement System is used to measure calculated SAR and electromagnetic fields in a customer-specified frequency range. Military systems, earth-resource mapping and environmental monitoring need broad-area imaging at high resolutions. Often, this imagery obtained during inclement weather or night. SAR systems take advantage of complex information processing capability and long-range propagation traits of radar signals of modern digital electronics to give high resolution imagery. SAR complements optical imaging capabilities and photographic as it is not limited by atmospheric conditions or time due to unique responses of cultural targets and terrain to radar frequencies to geologists for mineral exploration, sea state, ice hazard maps to navigators and oil spill boundaries on water to environmentalists.

Satellite-based earth observation area witnessed unprecedented growth in last few years, it is still biased toward electro-optically resultant imagery. Although, rising levels of usage and acceptance of satellite-derived SAR data were observed. Additionally, factors such as rising demand for increased imaging technologies for remote security and sensing concerns in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East along with the requirement for continuous awareness of environment are expected to drive SAR measurement systems market. Companies are involved in manufacturing of products with advanced technology. For instance, TDK RF Solutions launched SAR Measurement System to measure calculated SAR and electromagnetic fields over a customer-specified frequency range.

Drivers and restrain factor of the market.

Rising use of SARs to provide situational awareness is a key factor driving growth of global SAR measurement systems market. Additionally, growing requirement for intelligence data gathering, mapping, increasing adoption of radars for airborne surveillance and maritime and detections and tracking in defense sector is another factor boosting growth of the market.

Major players in the market.

SPEAG, Microwave Vision Group, ART-Fi, IndexSAR, TDK RF Solutions Inc. and others are some listed major players dominating the market of SAR measurement systems market over the forecast period. SPEAG and TDK RF Solutions Inc. are actively engaged in market activities and are growing more aggressively by adopting various strategies that include product launches, advancements, mergers and acquisitions.

Recent key development in the market

Industry is characterized by fragmented presence of market players dominating industry share geographically. Demand to boost up their industry foothold, companies are actively investing in partnerships and product differentiation strategies.

Fully automated SAR test system: A product one of its own

SPEAG launched cSAR3D-A, fully automated SAR test system complies with standard requirements of fast SAR testing. It combines world's fastest SAR measurement system with robot integration. It is ideal for rapid testing of wireless device.

Leading region and fastest growing region 

Geographically, the market is segmented in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW. In which, Europe hold largest share regionally in the market due to largest global export in SAR Measurement System market along with it is projected to register high growth over the forecast period. While, North America registered as fastest growing region in market contributed the pioneer position hold by the US in the field of advanced technology in military applications, country’s highest spending on military and presence of some major players in the region boost the market growth and grave a path to lead the market over forecast period.

Market segment

The global SAR measurement systems market is segmented on the basis of product type and application. In which, product type segment is further segmented as fast SAR measurement system and traditional SAR measurement system. Whereas, application segment is further segmented as test labs, wireless companies and others category.

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